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Hello folks,

This morning between 10:17am and 10:30am EST you may have received two invoice payment confirmation e-mails from us if you had a card on file. I am DEEPLY SORRY for this inconvenience. I have voided all duplicate transaction approvals and so your card will only be charged ONCE.

Please note that we do batch processing. What does this mean?

This morning at 10:17am EST a cron (basically a script that automates things) ran to pre-approve all cards on file for their respective invoice total (though your bank MAY place a hold on these funds and reflect them as a pending charge), this is when all e-mail confirmations are sent. No cards are actually “charged” at this time.

We only “charge” cards once a day when we “batch out” all of the days pre-approved transactions. The batch out process happens at 11:00pm EST time.

Since I have gone through and VOIDED all duplicate transactions, when the current batch of transactions get settled tonight – you will be charged only once.

WHY did this happen?

This happening is ultimately a mistake on my part. Remember when I tweeted (and also posted on facebook) that I was doing maintenance on my site? Well, it was an ongoing process that lasted a few days and last night I officially moved and our client management software at off of the server it had been on for years and on to a new server. I decided to do this on a Friday night so if I ran in to any problems, the weekend is generally slower than the week. So how did this cause you to be charged twice? The client management software was ultimately still in two places when I went to bed late last night (this morning EST) and thus the cron that told our merchant gateway to process all due invoices with a card on file was in two places. Even with the client management software disabled on the old server, also without an active license since that license is now on the new server, the cron was still able to run. This is why you received two confirmation e-mails,  the cron ran twice. Once on the old server and once on the new. I have since removed the cron on the old server as well as the client management system. Removing the information from the old server was going to be done today anyway, but honestly, last night I was thinking only that is what Friday .. not that it was the 31st going on the 1st and that I had some extra time. Do I want to bang my head in my desk right now? Yes.

Again, I do apologize for the inconvenience – all duplicate transactions have been voided and when the batch settles tonight, your card will only be charged ONCE.

P.S. If you’re concerned about your credit card data on file, we do not store credit card information on ANY of our servers so your credit details are not and were not on two servers at the same time. Your details are stored remotely with our merchant Quantum Gateway with full PCI Compliance.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

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